Install Theme



Our current show, Shadow and Light, where everything is paper, is only going to be up for a few more days but here are some works done by the artists in the show! From the top they are Reni Gower, curator of the show and fantastic mixed media artist, Lauren Scanlon who does wonderful work with papercut, Jaq Belcher, a Tinney artist who does incredible sculptural work with papercuts, Michelle Forsyth who works with imagery from the sites of environmental disasters, Beatrice Coron who does papercuts on tyvek that resemble her conceptualized invisible cities, Daniella Woolf who does wonderful paper sculptures with encaustic, and Lenka Konopasek whose work with both paper and painting revolves around creating a dialogue with natural disaster through her depictions and sculptures. If you live in Nashville, come by the gallery before the end of the weekend to see the show before we take it down monday!  We’re open from 11-5 Tuesday-Saturday. All of the information provided about the artsits is from our blog, but they all have their own websites so you should check them out if you’re interested in their work.